The Blessings of Spring~

There are prayer flags blowing,











and flowers growing.
















There are seeds we’re sowing,
















whilst our hives are growing.











And every moment, is over-flowing, with the sweetness, of spring. Yes, there is something about these first warm days that touch the very center of me. I feel like a seed myself, encouraged by the tender spring sun to rise up and root down, to reach and stretch into stem and leaf, forming buds, which make blooms, that call bees.
















I do not think we humans are so very different from the world of trees and meadows and leaves and petals. In fact the more time I spend in the company of plants, the more I have come to recognize our sameness, our shared needs, our cycles and rhythms. There is of course the inevitable recognition that we too shall return to the earth just as the apple does, to play our part in the great life-death-life cycle. In my mind there is an undeniable similarity between the stemmed-ones and the two-legged-ones. Gardens need 6 basic things to thrive: 1) the nourishment of organic compost (food) 2) clean water 3) fresh air 4) light 5) warmth 6) and loving attention (Of course, having a leading horticulturist as a father in-law is also very helpful, eh eh). But, what I mean to say now, in all seriousness, is that I am not sure humanities needs are so very different from those of our gardens.











So long as we are nourished and warm and loved, there is little else to want. Somedays when I am digging in the veg plot, putting seeds into the damp warm earth, I wonder how I can spend such a great deal of my life wanting anything more than what I already have. I wish it were not the case (and even as I write this, I am wishing for something other than what IS, so you see, I have a long way to go). It is a wonder that one can so easily forget the simplicity of one’s own happiness. I have, on many occasions, marveled at how complicated the human experience can be and the many ways in which I can become entangled in the “web of want.” And yet, when I am under the spring sun, my hands in the earth ( just after lunch) the warmth of the sun on my back and the sound of Mark whistling from across the way, there is nowhere else I would rather be. In those moments, I am what I can only describe as happy, for I have remembered that my basic needs are being met and that they are the very same as the garden which I am tending.
















And it is a good thing that such work brings me such happiness, because there is a very big garden to plant and a lot of work to do!






















And while I am planting Mark, is still working on his oven roof, which is coming along splendidly! ( more photo’s soon). Our days are long and full to over~flow, but with the encouragement of the sun and the sweetness of spring, there is nothing else to want. And when the weekends roll around, we remember to gather round the campfire with dear friends and share cups of hot tea and delicious food, and Mark’s new ales. Speaking of dear friends, all of the photo’s in this blog were taken by our friend Nikaih Seeds who just last weekend, came to visit Honey Grove in the Spring.  Thank you Nikiah!

PS- Gus sends his love from a dream-filled sleep, in the middle of the garden path.












Spring Blessings To All~

Nao, Mark, Gus and All at Honey Grove



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Spring is Here!

Well, I daresay I think spring has at long last come to Honey Grove.












I can tell for two reasons: one is that there are crocuses blooming and bees flying, and the other, is that we have been so busy, we have not had a second to consider anything other than the task at hand. These days, there is little time to ponder the deeper meaning of life, or to wonder how we might become better people, or to worry about whether or not we are doing “enough” for this needful earth. At this time of year, we simply do not have the leisure to get caught in a spin of he said/she said, or to wish for what we do not have, or to dig our righteous heels into those topics that light our human fires, and urge us to build soap-boxes and start waving flags. We simply have too much to do on Honey Grove to be distracted by our monkey minds, and all the seemingly important issues that are continuously arising on planet earth, at every moment. And although we recognize that there is a great deal of imminent change needing to happen in this modern time (and that there are many good-hearted people dedicated to raising awareness with regard to pressing envrinomental and social topics) we are also coming to realize that our part in supporting the change, might be RIGHT HERE on Honey Grove, on these 5.8 acres, with our seeds and our wheel barrows and our bees and our heart-songs.












Yes, it seems that we have become Zen by default, for there is a certain amount of present moment awareness that permeates our spring days, and it has not arisen from a dedicated and zealous practice, but rather from the undeniable fact, that we can do nothing more, than be entirely focused, on the tasks at hand. So, all of this is to say, that if you were to bump into us planting peas, or stacking bee equipment, or digging compost into the veg plot, you might think us more calm and present than usual. You might say to yourself “now these are serene and peaceful country people,” BUT, before you get too many ideas, let me assure you now, that such serenity is mostly the result of two people, who quite simply, have an enormous number of things to do. And in order to get even one thing done, their only option is focus on the present moment. Like planting spinach seeds for example. ( A task that I find to be deliciously satisfying and I have always found it difficult to think of anything else whilst tucking seeds into the earth).












Of course spinach seed planting is made even better with the steady support of Gus, whose adoring gaze makes me certain that planting spinach is a very worthy job indeed, and not only that, but that I am good person doing a most excellent job of it. ( oh the love of our canine friends).












And then, as if to urge us on, there are garlic shoots, shooting up toward the blue spring sky, reminding us that magical things happen below ground, even in the winter. There is something about spring bulbs of all kinds that seem to know something about the alchemy that happens in darkness. I sometimes put my ear to their just-above-ground-shoots and ask them to share their secrets…sometimes they do, sometimes not.












And while the garlic is growing and I am planting, Mark he has been collecting driftwood and erecting posts for his oven roof.












And whilst he is sawing posts and pouring concrete pads, the ducks are laying eggs again!












And while they are laying eggs, the bees have begun to fly!











Yes, it seems that spring has indeed sprung, and now I must leave you, for the cottage needs to be cleaned, as one lot of guests has left and another is about to arrive. Mark says hello from over a loaf of bread he is kneading for the new guests, and Gus sends his love from the garden path, where he takes good long naps in the March sunshine before encouraging me to keep planting seeds.

















Spring Blessings From Honey Grove,

Nao, Mark, Gus and all at Honey Grove














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