Birds and Bees and Daffodils~

This post is an ode to spring. It is dedicated to new life, to green and growing things, to buzzing bees and baby chicks, to yellow blooms and blue skies, to warm winds and sunshine.  And if I were Wordsworth, I would be able bring the landscape before me to life with my words and poetic musing, however, as much as I would like to be a romantic poet, I am afraid it shall never be the case. I will simply have to accept the plain and simple truth that I am a “romantic” and this will have to be enough.  eh eh.   I can tell you though that daffodils awe me as much as they did William, and if I could sing their yellow praises the way he did, I would I tell you, I would.  For now though, I am afraid you will have to be satisfied with my attempt to tell you of the magic unfolding here at Honey Grove without poetic stanza or lyrical grace.  So here it goes, my version of this glorious season.

There is spring in all of our steps here, the two legged and the four legged. We are all leaping about, over puddles and fences and across the garden.

And since the sun has come back, there is heaps to do, so many things in fact that the only way to get any of it done is to focus on the task at hand without thinking of the next project.  So project number 1 this week was bee hive building. Mark built 30 hives and I painted them.

We decided to paint them golden yellow and burgundy red, like Tibetan Temples.

I think they look beautiful, especially in evening sun, all stacked and awaiting more bees.  And when the hives were built and painted and tucked away in a dry place, there were potatoes to plant. The bio-dynamic calendar told us that the moon was in the right place in the sky for such an event to occur.  Gus helped.

We are almost potato growing experts now, thanks to his studious efforts. See below, isn’t it obvious that I know exactly what I am doing? eh eh

And while we planted spuds and discussed garden plans, the bees were flying.  Since the temperatures were warm and above 10 degrees, I opened the hive lids and took a peak inside on this sunny afternoon.  I stood there in a hum of bees, honey comb smells wafting through the air, yellow pollen coming in from all directions on tiny bee legs. It was wonderful.

But bees are not the only live stock here with us at Honey Grove.  Not anymore anyway, not since this afternoon when six baby chicks arrived to live in our spare room under a heat lamp until they are ready to be wild, free ranging egg layers.

We are in love with them.

Otherwise, the garlic is growing.

And so are the strawberries, which came from a friend’s organic farm down the road.  We planted them on a hill near the veg plot, because I have always wanted to have my very own strawberry hill.  It is a dream come true, like Disneyland is to some people.

And there you have it~

Spring Blessings,

Nao, Mark, Gus, Bees and Chicks~

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Spring Days~

And so it has happened, winter has left us and spring has officially sprung.  Each day the elements bring us a mix of sun and rain, of cloud and clear skies, of wind and stillness.  Each day we record the weather patterns in a little red book from a pair of dear old friends.

There is no pattern in the elemental landscape except to recognize that it is ever changing, but isn’t this what it means to be alive anyway, accepting impermanence?  And there you have my philosophical ponder for this day, which let’s face it, has been pondered before there was even a word for pondering.  It seems I have had little time to ponder the meaning of life over these past weeks.  The tasks at hand are requiring my full attention and as a result many good things are getting done.  The bees are flying and the air is fresh and misty and the bird calls are like symphonies in the trees in the mornings.  There is also a good deal more mud on our boots and a dozen more things to do on every new day’s list.  On top of it all we have both experienced some back pain being the long tall people we are, all the digging is taking it’s toll.  Yes, I won’t deny it, there has been a wee bit of overwhelm threatening to consume, but despite that, we have also found humour hiding in the cracks of our minds, as well as fat worms under dark soil in the veg plot, and both of these things have brought us delight.  We have even managed to put our shovels down and have some local friends over for dinner to share food and conversation and some hearty well needed laughter.  And there have been more guests in the cottage to keep us busy and inspired.   And now I leave you with more pictures and less words, so you can see the goings on through this cyber space window.  Let’s begin with the important things.  Gus got a haircut.

And we planted more seeds indoors, squash and tomatoes and peppers and cauliflower and brocoli and loads of other goodness.

We also planted peas and onions in the veg plot, after turning under all the winter rye.

And we harvesed wild nettles for eating and drying and makingbeer.

And we finished the Rabbit Proof Fence, and Mark built 3 fantastic gates.

And there you have it, 10 days of Honey Grove at the beginning of Spring~


Nao and Mark and Gus

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