In Love ~

If you came up the winding path to Honey Grove today, you would meet Spring face to face.

And, if Spring were a woman, she would be so beautiful and so radiant that you would be hard pressed to do anything other than stare in wild wonder.  The quality of green this time of year cannot be re-created (in fact, stop reading this post now and go to look out your window and you will see what I mean). I warn you though, enjoy her now, for in a few weeks time she will be gone and you will have to wait another whole year until she’s back. I can only think that such beauty has something to do with what the May Faeries get up to after we go to bed, well that, and the number of rainy days that April brought to us this year.

Whatever the case, the vivid tapestry of green that surrounds us here is more than visual, somehow it gets right inside you.  It is a color you can breath in and then taste.  It cleanses and soothes and nourishes the life force just by simply gazing upon it. (Don’t tell coca-cola I mentioned this, they will try to bottle my description and sell some cheap substitute in a cunning way). Oh Spring, I think I am in love with you.

And with this love, comes the willingness to give oneself entirely.  There is more energy available and less sleep required and there is infinite inspiration and constant awe. There is the desire to get as close as possible to this season, to write poetry, to dance and sing and be completely raptured.  There is the urge to get up with the dawn because you want nothing more than to join the birds in their morning chorus, because you understand what their song is about, and there is nothing else to do but open your heart and join them.

And so, everything else is abandoned, and you have to beg the rest of the world to please forgive you, but you are in love and simply unavailable for a short while because all of your attention is tied up. The dust in the house parties on and the paperwork on the desk gets higher and the ring around the tub gets blacker, but you can’t help it.  There are phone calls coming in from friends you love with all your heart, but there are not enough hours in the day to get back to them, and you hope they will forgive you for not picking up the phone, for being madly in love with Spring.

Mark and I have fallen head over heels for this season.  We rise early, have our tea and head outside.  We plant and we dig and we plant and we dig and we weed and we plant and we dig.  Somewhere in there we have lunch.  Mark’s Mum and Dad are here at Honey Grove, and lucky for us they too love this season.

And so, all four of us spend our days in the rain and the sun, we are outside planting and pruning, building chicken runs, fertilizing flowers, nurturing our baby orchard, watering….and watering some more.

Oh and more bees arrived!  They came from just up the road, in cardboard nuc boxes a few days ago and they have settled in beautifully in the lower field.

Otherwise, the chickens are getting big and some of the “hens” seem to be “cocka-doodle-dooing” eh eh.  (oh well)

As for Gus, well, he lulls about in the sun watching us, relaxing, stretching out and enjoying the activities around him.  As long as there is a pause in the day for a walk, a game of ball and a hearty meal he’s happy. He does his afternoon sun salutations on the grass followed by a long meditation, or so it appears.  He is open to offering wisdom to passersby pushing wheel barrows full of plants.  We call him Guru Gus or Baba G, for he knows the secrets of the universe, just look in those eyes and you can tell. According to Gus there are only two things you need to know to be happy in life, one is “not to worry”  the other is “to love with every fibre of your being.”

Otherwise, it’s a good thing the British make tea such a priority in their lives, or we might never stop.

So there you have it, we are all under the spell of spring here, blissful and totally taken~

Blessings to All,

Nao, Mark, Gus, The Bees (and, Mark’s Mum and Dad too)

PS- The photo’s are courtesy of Mark’s Father, Trevor Sims. Thanks Trevor!



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Victorian Blooms~

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to live at the edge of a Victorian flower garden.

Sometimes I think this desire comes from endless childhood hours spent in the company of old musty storybooks, with hand painted illustrations of faeries and summer blooms, but I don’t think I will ever know for sure.  There is very little else that inspires me about the Victorians, except perhaps their gardens, which might just be the wildest thing about them.  But, like any of us, I can only speculate. And in my speculation, from a fairly uneducated place, living at the end of a dirt road on an Island in rural Canada 130 years later,  I still managed to form an opinion on the matter, funny that, eh eh.

I imagine though, that surrounding oneself with abundant beauty in times of change and uncertainty is probably one of the best options we have as human beings.  Like us, the Victorians also lived in a world that was constantly changing, industry driven and more and more secular by the second.  A world dedicated to economy and speed rather than soulfulness and stillness. Like us, they had no idea how different their lives would be in the short span of a decade, and I believe (based on absolutely no fact and pure speculation) that the Victorians had an unconscious need to grow beautiful things because it helped to soothe and restore them like nothing else could.  Flowers offer light in darkness, or so I have always thought.

When you live amongst constant change you have to have something wonderful to count on, and a flower garden is something you can count on. Flower gardens are the perfect combination of constancy and spontaneity depending on whether you are admiring your faithful perennial friends, or your newly sown annual friends, or the ones you had no idea you planted, but they burst up through the soil at the last second to give themselves to the world. For me, flowers feed my soul the way vegetables feed my body, and in my completely un-academic opinion, this is a vital part of Self-Sustainability.  Yes, beauty sustains, it nourishes and it strengthens and as far as I can tell, growing flowers is equally important to growing food (not to mention you can eat some flowers).

And so, Mark’s parents have come to see us, all the way from England.  They are wise gardeners and plant lovers and his father is an expert on all green and growing things~ a botanist for over 45 years. We are very blessed to have such a wealth of knowledge in the family.  Mark’s father can name most plants he sees without consulting books of any kind and we have been taking many long walks around the property learning the Latin names of all those that grow here. As you can imagine I have been asking a fair number of questions on all green matters. Every now and again Mark looks at me, in some desperation for me to change the topic and speak about something other than gardening, and despite the fact that this takes great restraint, I know he’s right, and so I do allow the topic to shift from time to time.  And, when we are not talking about gardening, we are gardening.  Of course, as you have surely guessed, a Victorian flower garden has been planted, in lovely rows, in the vegetable garden, and it takes up a quarter of the 2000 sq ft garden, and I am just giddy with delight over it!  There is nothing more beautiful to me than flowers and vegetables sharing the same plot of earth.

Of course more vegetables were also planted.

And our peas are up and looking very good!

Otherwise, we have lots of tea between planting sessions, after all, it is an English tradition.

So there you have it, a blog on Victorian flower gardens and all things English.

Cheerio for now,

Nao, Mark, Gus and the Bees.


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