Bunny Grove Farm

In those magical hours between day and night, in that betwixt and between time, when faeries and gnomes have been known to show themselves to lonely shepherds on pastoral hillsides, we see something else here at Honey Grove.

I wish I could say that it were a circle of winged creatures dancing in a mystical glade, but I am afraid it is not.  No, we are not seeing fairies here at dusk, instead, we are seeing nothing but bunny rabbits.  Yes, those cute cuddly cotton tailed ones from Beatrix Potter’s little books, and I can tell you already, that they love our garden as much as they do Mr. McGregor’s (and we don’t even have any vegetables growing yet!).

You can see where I am going with this can’t you?  Yup, you guessed it, sigh, as all gardeners know, despite the cuteness of these fluffy ones, they do nothing for gardens but eat them.  Bunnies destroy vegetable gardens. The only choice we have, other than bunny stew (which Mark is keen on) is to build a bunny-proof fence, perhaps not quite like Australia’s, but at least 3 ft high and all around the veg growing garden. And so, we have been digging again and rock piling and fence post pounding too.  We even decided to make our own fence posts this week, as we have opted to use untreated posts around our vegetable garden, with a heartfelt dedication to maintain a truly organic farm.

I might also say that this decision (that is to use untreated posts) was made after much careful consideration.  We realize that our bunny-proof fence won’t last for 20 years, it may not even last for 3 years.  We know that untreated posts will eventually rot and that we will need to make a new fence in the not-so-distant-future, but somehow this option seemed better to us then sticking turpentine posts into the same soil we will be growing our food in.  As you can well imagine, this choice has brought many opinions to the forefront.  eh eh eh. The general consensus is that we are doing a lot of very hard work for a very temporary fence. And indeed, this is true, it is a lot of work, but tell me, what in this life, that one is dedicated to, is not hard work?  We see it like this: 4 or 5 days of solid effort for 3 years of a temporary bunny-proof fence doesn’t seem such a sacrifice to make.  The fencing materials can also be re-used in the future and so it is quite a different thing from temporary toasters and cell phones designed to fail after 2 years and then straight into the landfills.  But enough about toasters and cell phones, I digress. Let me tell you more about those untreated fence posts…you see,  they came from trees that were threatening to take over our driveway and they were going to become firewood if not fence posts.

And so, over-all, it would seem that much good has come out of this new plan, a fence is being built, our driveway is being maintained, and a bundle of dollars were saved from not having to buy more posts. We are very pleased over here.

We have also had some more guests in our cottage as of late, and they left some very nice comments in our guest-book. Reading their words was a truly positive and nourishing experience.  It helped us to see what it is we are creating here at Honey Grove, and it reminded us that all our hard work is worth it, not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of those who come here to stay. Otherwise, we are reading loads about chickens and we will be ordering our laying hens from the farm up the road in a week or two.  We are getting our seeds ready to plant and will start sowing some indoors this week!  And when we are not working, we are going for long walks and we are meeting some lovely folks out here, to share suppers with and to celebrate full moons with.

May this find you in the midst of a beautiful day~

The Sims~

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Sunny Grove Farm

Oh, what is it about a sunny day that puts the whole world right?  The sun was shining down on Honey Grove this morning and all things seemed aglow with possibility.  We woke up early to a light frost, had a hearty breakfast and looked at our long list of things to do.  It’s funny how sometimes this list can really get us down and at other times it absolutely inspires.  Is it not fascinating how the same thing can look completely different depending on the mood of the one considering it? I have always found this an interesting thing to ponder. Today our list inspired us and we wasted no time getting to it.  We put on our work boots and headed out the door to continue greenhouse building and fence post digging.  I am happy to report that some headway was made and that our greenhouse is beginning to look like a greenhouse.  There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, as you can see below.  Okay, it is perhaps a cheap joke, but joke telling never was my forte (ask anyone who knows me), and then according to Mark neither is greenhouse building.  eh eh.

I do make an excellent thermos of hot chai though. Even though Mark looks unimpressed.

And so, when the digging got to be too much, we paused and sipped sweet spicy tea and felt the warmth of a slightly closer sun on our faces. (Between you and me, I think that this makes up for any skill I may be lacking as far as greenhouse building goes. Ask an Englishman to go for a day without tea, and we’ll see how many greenhouses he can build… anyway, just sayin)

And what about Gus?  Well, truth be told, he didn’t help much, despite the fact he is an excellent digger, the whole fence post thing was just too damn structured for him. He is a bit of an artist, he requires digging freedom.  So he didn’t help dig today, but he looked good in the sun.

He watched us from afar.  And Gus and I were both impressed when Mark remembered some of his old Boy Scout wisdom and started tying all kinds of fancy sailor knots.

And I developed new muscles, holding steel pipes up for long periods of time.  I wish I could say it was meditative and profound, but that would be a lie.  I did feel a little like Popeye though and that was cool.

And after a long days work, we headed home to sit by the fire.  We feel accomplished and a little sore, but it was worth it.

Sunny Blessings from Honey Grove.

n, m and g.

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